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COVERThe CURRENT EDITION includes updates on:

•  Most recent SSI rules and practices
•  Hiring caregivers
•  Paying for housing, recreation, transportation
•  And much more

As well as all the details you’ve come to expect from this
comprehensive guide.

Managing A Special Needs Trust: A Guide For Trustees, covers many important topics, including:

  • What trustees need to know about public benefit programs such as SSI, SSDI, Medicare, and Medicaid
  • Taxes and special needs trusts
  • Dealing with government agencies
  • Housing subsidies
  • Trustee duties

The authors, who are all attorneys, bring many years experience in guiding trustees through the complicated rules of public benefits and special needs trusts. In clear, easy to understand language, the authors provide practical strategies every trustee can use.

THIS NEW EDITION IS RELEVANT TO ALL 50 STATES. It covers uniform practices that have been adopted in most states as well as the rules of the major federal benefit programs that provide cash, medical benefits, and housing subsidies to people with disabilities.

Managing A Special Needs Trust: A Guide For Trustees is an invaluable resource for anyone who is managing a special needs trust for a person with a disability.


Currently, disAbilities Books Press offers books of interest to parents of children with disabilities, their family members, guardians, and professionals serving the disability community. These informative books are available in our online store.









Please note, “Legal Planning for Special Needs in Massachusetts” is now out of stock. An updated version is in the works.

From 2002 through 2009, disAbilities Books assisted parents of children with disabilities and people with disabilities in publishing their own books. For brief descriptions of these fine books please navigate to the history page. Although these books can no longer be purchased on this site, some may still be found at Amazon.com

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